Fashion Inspired Art & Tableware
My artwork is influenced by all forms of beauty, but in particular by the beauty of strong women. I was brought up by a very strong woman and have always respected and greatly admired the strength of the female being. I love the power of women who put themselves together in unique ways, emanating unmistakeable personality.
I especially love faces. I feel that the details of a face reveal so much about a person. Each is so different; each flaw, each expression makes up for so much of what a person’s individuality is. I have experimented with the contours and angles of a face in countless mediums and textures, capturing likenesses with painting, drawing, fabric, print making and collage. I have found something interesting about them all, but most recently I have fallen in love with a strong line. With these lines, I feel I have found my style. This is a collaboration of the landmarks along my journey to today, where I feel most fulfilled.